about us - hunting services

hunting RomaniaOur main activity consists of organizing and subcontracting hunting parties in the wonderful Romanian landscapes, for individual hunters and also for small or big hunting groups, at various game species, either feathered or furred.

Our services are flexible, as we are offering the complete package of service, or just a part of them, so that you may choose what fits most your wishes and what is most financially advantageous for you.

You can choose from the very beginning the game species, the approximate size of the trophy, the number of hunting days and, depending on your demand, we can present you with a price offer that will contain the hunting services, but also other complementary services like trophies care and preparation, cooking of some food specialties made of game, transport, accommodation, meals, various reservations, translator, guide etc.

We can also offer you the opportunity of training your hunting dogs, depending on the breed’s requirements.