hunting  dogs  training

An important part of our activity consists of facilitating trainings for your hunting dogs.
Thus, you may come to Romania with your hunting dogs and be able to train them yourself, using the advantage of natural game.

Trainings can be organized for pointing dogs and retrievers, using as game quails, partridges, pheasants, wild ducks, wild geese and small fur game.

For harassing dogs and working at den, we can organize trainings with wild boars, foxes and badgers.

For scent hounds we can organize trainings on blood trail.

We can also train your dogs for practical hunting. Pointing dogs are trained on natural Romanian game like quail, partridge, wild duck, pheasant, woodcock and snipe. Harassing dogs are trained in fenced game parks with wild boar. Lastly, den dogs are trained with fox or badger.

hunting dog training