common  stag  (cervus  elaphus)


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hunting common stag

In the alpine area, the stag's roaring, which marks the beginning of the mating period, starts around the 1st of September, intensifies until the 25th-28th of September and ends around the 10th-15th of October. In the plain, the roaring starts 10-15 days earlier and in the hills just a few days before its starting in the mountain areas.

The national record was harvested in the fall of 2003 in Gurghiu area, being confirmed on the 29th of April 2004 with 264,51 CIC points, while the first 10 trophies are over 240 CIC points.

Hunting season: trophy bulls September 10th - November 15th, selection bulls 1st of September - 15th of December, does and fawns: 1st of September - 15th of February.